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Author Topic: Tutorial For Newbies or Beginners.On.How To Start New Topic?  (Read 57345 times) Average Rating: 5
Imran Mohammad Ghousvi
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Assalaamualycum Wa Rehamtullahe Wa Barkathu.
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Dear brother and making this tutorial for newbies who are not fully aware of how to use this forum..this small tutorial might be helpful for i have got request from 2 three members that they want to set avatar or signature but they do not know the procedure for here i m starting this topic to help them...

first we will start from "how to start a NEW topic"

How To Start A New Topic :

how to start a new topic/thread..lets assume we want to make a new thread in "introduce yourself" on the board which is located at the upper side of the forum and the very first board of our forum..just click on that will enter in that board..then you will see some links on upper right side corner as shown in this below on "NEW TOPIC" link..

when you click on the "New Topic" link it will open a new page like this [/color

on the above image you can see the options you have got...enter the TITLE on the subject field and then write your posting in the box below the smiles and you can change the format of your posting like , bold your posting, make it italic, or underline any important word, change the color or add smiley and many more...after writing and formatting your post you can share it with us by just clicking on "POST" button.

If you want to add image to your post...just click on the "add image to post" link as shown in below image

When you click on that "add image to post" link, a window will open as shown in below will see a "browse" button in that pop up window, just click on browse then locate the picture you want to post and then click on "family safe" then click on "upload it" button....after uploading your picture,,,the link will automatically pasted in your post...please refer to below image....

if you have other files like a WORD DOCUMENT or a PDF document or something like that then there is another option you can use to attach your file to on "additional options" will find "browse" button on that, locate your file and then click on "post" button...refer to below image...

If you want to reply to someone else s post then you have another option which is "QUICK REPLY" will find this box at the bottom of the page on every just need to type your massage there and click on POST button...and you are done...please refer to below image..

i hope this might help for some users...if any one having any doubt or problem...just reply here insha allah any team member will be happy to assist you..

For other tutorials:

Tutorial for Adding Images in between paragraphs :,21390.msg80738.html#msg80738

Tutorial for avatar and signature:,10626.0.html

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Tutorial for Google Ads:,12023.0.html

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Please go through other Tutorials also

Tutorial for Adding Images in between paragraphs :,21390.msg80738.html#msg80738

Tutorial to Change fonts and format.........,12012.0.html

Tutorial For Avatar And Signature....,10626.0.html

Tutorials - Where are the google Ads??...,12023.0.html

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