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 on: November 19, 2017, 01:11:35 PM 
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My Dear Readers,
This humble bows her head to Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti and believes “Allaha is the greatest and Mohammed  (sal-lal-lahu alai hi wa sallam) is the most beloved of Allaha.
Religion is a delicate topic and pray forgive me in case I make any mistakes in my articles, this humble is only a Seeker please……….
Today let’s touch upon the topic “Sama” Music.

Question] What is an easy way to erase one’s own existence?
Answer] Have Patience, for answer read till the end Please.   

At Hazrat Nizam-ud-din’s (may God remember him with favor) abode during One such time of the discourse, the conversation turns to LISTENING TO MUSIC (Sama).
One of the persons present says:”Hasn’t it been decreed at this time that in the presence of his eminence Sama is permissible whenever he must hear it?”
The master Hazrat Nizam replies:”Something that is forbidden cannot become permissible by anyone’s decree.Likewise, something that is permissible cannot become forbidden by anyone’s decree. We have entered into a controversial topic. For eg, Imam Shafi i-(may peace be upon him) issued a decree permitting Sama with the use of the cymbal & tambourine, contrary to (what has been decreed by) our ‘Ulama.Concerning this controversy at present, whatever the judge decrees will be upheld (as the definitive statement on Sama).
Hazrat Nizam repeats a quatrain of the author of Mirshad al-Ibad (The Path of God’s Bondsmen) during one of his discourses as penned down by the Master’s disciple Amir Hasan Sijzi as mentioned below in connection to “Sama”.

You seek the world: may it your needs repay,
Go seize its rotting careass as your prey,
“Sama” is forbidden, in my opinon,”you say,
Fine then, to you forbidden let it stay.

To the above, Hazrat Amir Hasan says “If the scholars investigate Sama & declare it prohibited, they are entitled to do so, but as for he who donned the robe of poverty, how can he be denied sama, & even if it so be, all he can do is not listen to it but he should not be hostile to others (who listen to it), for hostility is not a quality of dervishes.”
Furthermore Hazrat Amir adds “The group that denies Sama, I know full well their temperaments.Those, who do not listen to Sama say: ‘We do not listen because it is forbidden. ‘I do not swear by it but I think I speak the truth when I say: ‘Even if Sama were permitted, they would not listen to it! `”
The Master Hazrat Nizam-ud-din smiles to the above comment, points out & righty so”Yes, indeed, since they lack taste, how can they listen to it? For what reason would they listen? And God Knows best.”

“Every day is not a Sunday” however that day indeed happened to be One.
I attended a Sufi Musical concert, thanks to an angel who happened to inform me about the same.
The concert was presented by Shye Ben Tzur,most down to earth Musician who composes & sings in the glory of the Almighty in `Hebrew`.
In the concert Shye Ben Tzur quotes Kalam of Hazrat Khadim Gudri Shah Baba III. “Dil Ki Bahar Ban Kar Dil Mey Agar Wo Aaye…”

At the outset of the concert, the Consulate General of Israel Mumbai addresses the Sufi Music lovers in short & sweet words as below
1.   “Sufis like to remain Silent, they speak less and listen more, and thus I make my speech short & sweet as per the Sufi Tradition…….”
2.   “Music is the soul that binds different threads together.”
3.   “Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christains all are the same children of One God.”
4.   “Peace, Tolerance, brotherhood & Love may spread & extend beyond the boundaries of the auditorium, into the society & the Whole World as such.”
5.   His Excellency concluded his address emphasizing the need for harmony by the virtue of “One Music, One Love, One God” ,
the auditorium rocks with the burst of applause followed by each Soul connecting to the Divine through the Medium of
       “Sama” & silently disperses 'Pin-Drop Silence'prevails,sound echoes from Wordsworth’s solitary reaper ;

“The music in my heart I bore
Long after it was heard no more.”

Here comes the answer to my Query with a Bang Bang…. Smiley
Answer]Listen to a lot of Qawwali (a form of mystical music)

Diamonds glitter from:-
1.   Niza Ad-din Awliya Morals for the Heart recorded by Amir Hasan Sijzi & translated by Bruce.B.Lawrence(Hazrat Nizam’s extract) &
2. (Q&A)

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The Rose of my heart has unfolded To you (almighty) I shall sing, when I sing to you The rose of my heart unfolds… [Translation provided in the comments section]

Khuda Hafez!

Thanks & Regards,

 on: November 19, 2017, 12:35:20 PM 
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