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Author Topic: learn Chinese-Xi Dada's Journey to UK  (Read 1046 times) Average Rating: 0

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访 问 fǎng wèn    n/v. visit
演 讲 yǎn jiǎng   n. speech
China’s president Xi Jinping began his visit to the UK on October 20th where he was greeted by the members of the royal family. He was accompanied by Queen Elisabeth II during a ride in a horse-drawn carriage and was met with a royal one-hundred-and-three gun salute. The royal family held a state banquet in honor of Xi Jinping and his wife and he gave a speech. The Queen even posted a welcoming tweet in Chinese. This grand reception not only attracted wide attention in the Western media, it also attracted the attention of the people in the country.
It is said that the State Visit will unlock more than £30 billion worth of trade and investment deals completed, creating over 3,900 jobs across the UK. This data,learn Chinese, can it make you feel the strong influence of China?
During his visit, Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan showed us their love again. While exchanging gifts with The Queen, Xi Jinping gave her a very thoughtful gift: Peng Liyuan’s music album. This made many Chinese women think: “Xi Jinping is China’s best sale!
After Prince William and princess Kate finished attending the event,Learn Mandarin online, there was a sudden rain. Peng Liyuan opened her umbrella for Xi Jinping. The Prince and his wife should learn from this loving couple! Knowledge:
大 大 dà dà
陕西的很多人称呼自己父亲或父亲同辈的男的“大大”,就是叔叔,伯父的意思,mandarin。 因为主席是陕西人,所以大家都叫他习大大。
« on: January 05, 2016, 09:41:22 AM »

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