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Author Topic: Hazrat Babar Auliya (RA) in Sabrimalai , Kerala  (Read 8158 times) Average Rating: 0
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Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem.

Allahumma Salle 'Ala Syedina Muhammadin Wa 'Ala Aalihi Syedina Muhammadin Wa Barik Sallim

'Ala inna Auliya Allahu La-Qaufum Alaiheem Walahum Yazanoon.

Most Famous Sufi Saint Of South India ( Model Of Communal Harmony ).
Hazrath Babar Shah Baba ( Rahmathullahi Alaih )
Populary Known By Hindus As Babar Swamy Dargah or Vavar Swamy auliya (RA)
800 Years Old Dargah In Sabarimala , Kerala.

Hazrath Babar Baba Dargah Is Worshipped By Pilgrims Who Climb The Hills Singing Hymns In Praise Of Lord Ayyappa And The Muslim Saint.

Before going to temple pilgrims perform fateha.

About 35 million pilgrims visit this place in a year and the income generated is very high.
From my childhood i have heard the name of Babar swamy from many of my hindu friends who go to sri ayyappa temple and dargah of hazrath Babar shah baba (ra).

Sri ayappan pilgrims follow strict rules and regulations before going to pilgrims, they take bath in cold water early morning 4 am every day, they wear a black holy dress and no slippers and also the pilgrims avoid womens that they donot even eat food made of women's hand until this piligrimage of about about 40 days. They follow strong bhakti.

And also my friends informed that visiting dargah is compulsary and if some one doesn't perform fateha or visit this dargah they will definetly face problems in their ways or some thing will happen to them if they don't visit this dargah.

All piligrims have a great love and respect of the dargah of this sufi saint of south india.

For viewing photos of dargah kindly click the below link


Nigah-e-Wali Mein Yeh Taseer Dekhi Badal teh Hazaroon Ki Taqdeer Dekhi
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