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Author Topic: War of Karabala - Ultimate Story of Sacrifice, 72 Muslims agains 30000 Mushriks  (Read 26956 times) Average Rating: 5
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Imam Hussain  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) besieged at Karbala

When the whole plain of Karbala was full with Yazid’s regiments and the Imam Hussain’s camp was
totally surrounded by the enemy’s forces, Son of Saad the Commander of the Brute armies met Imam
Hussain on the banks of the river and demanded ‘allegiance’ on behalf of the tyrant Yazid and said:

“If you pay homage to Yazid, everything will go well for you and whatever worldly comforts and privileges
you desire for, will be at your disposal. Otherwise, it will end in a wholesale massacre of yourself
and all your dear ones here.”

Imam Hussain firmly refused to pay the ‘allegiance’ saying:
“Tell Yazid to tempt with the worldly comforts to those who are after this World. I am the Imam, the
representative of the Apostle of God. I shall never yield to the one who believe not in God and who
defied the Word of the Lord, in word and deed, and who spread godlessness on the earth. Let any
calamity befall on me & my dear ones, the will of the Lord shall be followed. Hussain will cheerfully
meet any catastrophe but never surrender Truth to falsehood.”
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At last on the 7th Muharram 61 Hijra the Commander of Yazid’s forces received orders to cut off all
sources of supply to the Holy Imam’s camp and not allow even a drop of water to reach any of the
inmates therein. It can better be imagined than described what the condition of Imam Hussain’s
camp would have been under the scorching Arabian sun. The camp was in the midst of the burning
desert, with the heat-waves blowing from all sides. The unavailability of water, with nothing to feed
even the young children, the wriggling of the babies for milk which the poor mothers, who were themselves
suffering from the killing thirst, could not give, caused distress.

What a torturous situation it
must be, and how did those Holy ones suffer all these unbearable tortures, it is very difficult for any
human mind to conceive, but all these are facts which the Holy Imam and his Godly companions suffered
with wonderful fortitude and patience. Over and above all these tortures, the sight of the
enemy’s forces preparing all around for the massacre and a wholesale destruction was there, before
the ladies and the children in the besieged camp. Hurr remembered how kind Imam Hussain was
when he needed water. He asked Umar son of Saad to give water to Imam Hussain’s camp or at least
to the children, but Umar son of Saad showed no pity.
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All efforts of the enemy through temptations, promises, persecutions and tortures, to persuade the
Holy Imam, to yield to Yazid were in vain. Even the killing heat of the desert and the thirst of three
continuous days suffered by himself, his faithful companions, the helpless ladies & even the innocent
infants and the babies, could not move the Holy Imam to effect the least change in the strength of his
will re-establish the Truth paying any price the task might demand. On the 9th of Muharram a final
warning was sent to Imam Hussain from Umar son of Saad that if he did not surrender, he would be

Imam Hussain refused to bow down to his threats. The enemy’s forces advanced towards the
camp of the Holy Imam to affect a wholesale massacre of all the inmates therein. Imam Hussain sent
word to the enemy’s Commander, Umar son of Saad through the brave Abbas with the request for a
night’s time to spend it in his last prayers to the Lord which was at first refused but ultimately with
much reluctance granted.
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The Holy Imam sent for the enemy’s Commander Umar son of Saad and proposed the following:
“Leave me, and I shall quit the Muslim Empire with my whole family and children, and live in some
non-Muslim lands. I shall go away to Yemen or to Iran or to the far off Hind (i.e., India).”

The tyrant answered: “It can never be so.”

Imam Hussain said:
“Will you at least allow having some water for the helpless ladies and & innocent
babies who are dying of thirst in my camp?”

The tyrant replied: “First pay ‘Bait’ (allegiance) and then take the water from the river.”

Imam Hussain at last said: “Umar son of Saad, why you destroy the house of the Holy Prophet? If the
whole world were to be given to me to rule over, I shall never yield to the tyrant.”

Imam Hussain had done the best possible to avoid bloodshed, but every offer for a peaceful settlement
was rejected and the surrender to Yazid was insisted upon. Imam Hussain then decided to fight the
might of the Devil for the truth and to surrender his all in the way of the Lord and to demonstrate to
the human race what Bravery, Steadfastness, Patience and Fortitude, ever in the worst of the painful
sufferings, those who really love God should put up with to defend the Truth and uphold it.

When all efforts through exhortations to the enemy’s forces proved unfertile and the only alternative
left was to fight for the cause of Truth, the Holy Imam decided first to prove the miraculous strength
and the matchless prowess the Godly ones possessed, and how bravely the huge host of the enemy
could be resisted, and then to surrender himself and his dear ones to drink the cup of martyrdom and
to fulfill the Covenant of the Lord to save the Truth for all times Imam Hussain asked Umar son of

Saad: “Will you at least agree to conduct tomorrow's battle in single combats between one from either
side?” Umar son of Saad consented but the treacherous Brute did not keep to his promise.

On the evening of the 9th, six thousand (6,000) men led by ‘Shimr son of Zil Jawshan’ were the last
detachment to reach Karbala.
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The night following the ninth day of Muharram presented a unique spectacle which has no parallel
in the history of the world. A detailed description of the scene of that night in Karbala,
requires at least a separate chapter. However, only a few important events of the dreadful night
are briefly related here.

Since his arrival at Karbala on the 2nd Muharram, the Holy Imam used to gather all those who had
accompanied him from Makkah, and address them after every night prayer, advising them to leave
him to his own fate and to return to their homes, giving them every assurance that the consequences
of his journey would be quite a different one from what had been imagined by them to be.
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Imam Hussain had to offer the sacrifice which had been termed by God Himself as ‘Zibh-e-Azeem’
the Great Sacrifice. The purity of his body and the divinity of his soul were unquestionable,
but those whom he had to offer along with himself in the way of the Lord, had to be of
some purity worthy to be blessed with the martyrdom. There were the good and the bad ones, mixed
up, in his camp but what he needed was only a pure and clean stuff to be presented to God along with
himself. Many who had accompanied him with selfish intentions, had deserted him, and of those still
left, the Holy Imam wanted to effect a final shifting so that only those who desired nothing but the
pleasure of the Lord, might remain to accompany him in his resignation to the Divine will, to resist
against the onslaught of the falsehood of the Devil.

At last on the 9th Muharram, soon after the
enemy’s consent to wait till the following morning, the Holy Imam, after the ‘Isha’ or the night prayers
summoned the remaining people and addressed them thus: I am most pleased with you. I know no
companions more loyal or better than my companions and no household more reverent or pious than
my household, so may God bless you for my sake because you have been good and cooperative. I do
not think that the enemies will give us a day more than tomorrow.

“You are all free, my companions, members of my family, my sons, and my nephews - everyone - to
leave without being liable to anything. I release you from the oath and excused you all and you may
go free from my obligation. They (i.e. the enemy forces) have nothing against anyone except me. Do
not feel guilty; the night is dark. Take advantage of the darkness of the night and depart, let each one
of you take the hand of one of my household. Leave me to my fate and save yourselves. They will definitely
not stop you.”

At the end of his speech, the Holy Imam asked his brother Abbas to put out the
lamp in the tent so that people may walk away in the darkness without being
ashamed of being seen by him.

It is reported that as soon as the lamp was put out, all those who had accompanied
the Holy Imam from Makkah in their vain hopes of making their own fortune,
began to desert the Holy Imam in batches and when the lamp was again lit after a
while, there were left only a few here and there, and those who remained constituted
the Godly band of the Holy Seventy-Two (72) who stood fast by the Holy Imam
in the battle for Truth to save the human race against its falling into the abyss of

But these remaining seventy two people said unanimously, that such a thing was
impossible. Oh son of the Prophet; What will we tell the people, shall we say that
we have abandoned our chief and leader, the son of the daughter of our Prophet without lancing an
arrow for him or stabbing with a spear for him or striking a sword for him; by God no, oh son of the
Prophet we will not leave you until we die before you and let us share your fate with you for life after
you is meaningless. What answer we will give to the Prophet on the Day of Resurrection? What will
happen to loyalty, to humanity, to love and attachment? Their ardent responses and their words said
on that occasion melt a heart of stone and are most moving.
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Abbas the brave said: “Is one life worth enough to be sacrificed for someone like you? I wish that I
were brought to life seventy times to die seventy times for your sake.” Another says, “I would lay down
a thousand lives for your sake if I had them.”

Another companion Saad son of Abdullah Al-Hanafi who raised saying:
By God no, oh son of the Prophet we will never abandon you so, that God will know that we have kept
our word to His Prophet Muhammad regarding you. And if I know that I would die for your sake and
then live again then be burnt alive and sprinkled for your sake and that is done to me seventy times.
I will never leave you until I meet my destiny with you. And why would I not do this when I know that
it is only one death and then I will get the everlasting reward?

And then the Imam changed the subject and told them about the events of the next day, informing
them that they all would be killed. I tell you openly now that I will be mercilessly butchered. My
Brother Abbas will lose both his hands and die on the banks of the river. My eighteen (18) year old
son Ali Akbar will die by the lance pierced through his cheast. And similarly, every one of my companions
who will remain with me here, whether he be a relative or a friend of mine, will be rolling in
his own blood and ultimately be slain. Only my son Ali (Imam Sajjad), who is sick, will survive to suffer
the worst of tortures along with the people of my family. All of them receive it as great good news.
But the young thirteen (13) year old Qasim son of Imam Hassan  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) wondered if he too would be
one of them. He thought to himself, after all I am only a boy. Perhaps the Imam means that only the
elderly would be martyred. I am just a minor. Therefore, he turned to the Imam and asked him: Will
I be among those who will be killed?

The Imam says to him, “Qasim, first let me ask you a question. I will reply after you have answered
me.” “My nephew, tell me, how do you regard death and what do you think about getting killed?”
“It is sweeter to me than honey!” i.e., “I haven’t a desire that should be dearer & sweeter to me!”
After getting this answer, the Imam said to him, “My nephew, you too will be killed. But your death
will be different from that of others and (it will be) after you have faced a great ordeal.” I tell you now,
not even my baby son Ali Asgher will be spared; he will receive an arrow on his tiny neck in my own
arms and pass away.

This small band of Godly souls, pure in their spirit and sincere
in their desire to fight and fall in the way of the Lord.
Spent the night in prayers, reciting the Holy Quran & rejoicing
in the hope to drink the fast approaching cup of martyrdom
the following morning. Everyone anxiously waited for
the break of dawn, to lay down his life in the way of the Lord
in supporting the cause of Truth. The ladies were preparing
their young children to be sacrificed along with the Holy
Imam in upholding the cause of the Lord. The noble mothers
of the family of the Holy Prophet  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) were busy
advising their young sons to be steadfast in facing the might
of the enemy in defense of the right, and to lay down their
lives cheerfully and thus to drink the cup of martyrdom in
the cause of the correct guidance of the Human Race.

Zainab said to her sons, “My sons, tomorrow there will be a battle. I cannot ask you to fight because
you are young. But if anything happens to Imam Hussain, while you are still alive, I will be filled with
shame.” Both the boys stood up and said: “Mother, we have the blood of Ali and Ja’far in our veins.
Our Grandfathers were warriors whose fame will always be remembered. Do you think we can possibly
shame them? Moreover we are the pupils of Uncle Abbas. Mother, unless you forbid us and stop
us from fighting, we shall go to the battlefield & show the enemies of Islam how bravely the children
of Islam can fight. All we want from you is a promise that you will never weep for us. Or souls will
never rest in peace if you grieve for us after we are gone.” Tears of joy and pride flowed down Zainab’s
eyes as she embraced her two boys.

Imam Hussain  heard Qasim say to his mother, “Mother, tomorrow Uncle Abbas, Ali Akbar and I will defend
Imam Hussain. Mother, if I get killed please do not weep for me.” Farwa replied, “My son although I dearly love you,
I shall not weep for you. Nothing will make me prouder than to see my son give his life for Islam.” When
Imam Hussain heard this conversation he prayed to God to bless Qasim and Farwa.
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JazaakAllah Khaire Bhai....

Yooun Dooboun Ishq-e-Nabi (Salallaho Aliwasollum) Me....
K Mujhe Apni Bhi na Khaber Mele...
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While the hungry and thirsty devotees of God in the Holy Imam’s camp spent the night in
prayers and the devotional supplicate services to God, the soldiers in the Yazidian ranks in
the opposite camp spent the whole night in drinking, feasting and making merry in the hope
of the promised rewards from Yazid in return for the destruction of the family of the Holy Prophet.
God alone knows how many thousands of bowls of wine were emptied on that night. The Yazidian
forces anxiously awaited the break of the dawn of the next day to affect the brutal slaughter of the
Holy Imam and the small band of his kith and kin and faithful devotees.
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Thus the battle of Truth against Falsehood began. One after another of the Godly ones from the
Holy Imam’s side went into the field and laid down his life after exhibiting wonderful bravery,
courage, valor and prowess. It looked as if the thirst, hunger, heat and the wounds had no affect
whatsoever on the patience, the strength and the determination of Imam Hussain  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him)’s devotees.

At last when the deceitful Umar son of Saad saw the wonderful fight, he was astonished that each one
from the Holy Imam’s side easily destroyed dozens before he fell, and who proved unconquerable, he
ordered a sally in contravention of the solemn agreement entered into,
the previous night.

The bravery and the skill displayed by the faithful supporters of the sacred cause, the matchless resignation to
the Divine Will, and the flawless devotion and the ideal attachment of each one of the hungry and
thirsty sufferers of the Godly camp, to the Holy Imam and to the sacred cause of Truth, drowned the
Devil’s army and their officers in wonder and astonishment, and they had become so awe-stricken at
the miraculous strength and unparalleled courage of the helpless sufferers that they began to dread
the very countenance of each of the Godly devotees of the Holy Imam who came alone into the field
and fought and fell in the way of God.

Imam Hussain’s companions were determined that as long as one of them was alive, they would not
allow the blood of Imam Hussain and his family spill in Karbala. From early that morning, Imam
Hussain together with Abbas the brave, Ali Akbar and others carried the bodies of their companions
back to the camp.

Thus, whenever a supporter of the Holy cause went against the Devil’s forces and fell, Imam Hussain,
Abbas the brave and Ali Akbar would rush out to be by the side of their dying companion and brought
his body back and laid it in a tent pitched particularly for the martyrs. As the battle for Right against
Might proceeded and the supporters of the Truth fell one after another, the tent containing the bodies
of the martyrs was turned into a ‘Ganj-e-Shaheedan’ or the ‘Repository of the Martyrs’. When the
dust of the battle settled, around fifty of Imam Hussain  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him)’s companions were martyred
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Wahab and his Family

Wahab son of Abdullah Al-Kalby was a Christian, who was accompanied by his newly married wife
and mother. All of them declared their Islam before Imam Hussain  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) on the way to Karbala.
During the Battle between Holy Imam  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) and his enemies Wahab’s mother said: “My son, go and
support the son of God’s messenger.” That is what I intend to put my best resolve into. Wahab replied.
He rode to the battlefield saying: “If you deny me. I am the son of Al-Kalby. You’ll see me and my
fighting. And learn of my strength and steady fastness.”

Wahab killed some of them and returned to his mother and said: Mother are you satisfied with me?
I’ll never be satisfied until you are killed for the cause of Imam Hussain  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him).

His wife said “For God’s sake we have just got married I cannot stand even the thought of your death.”
His mother interrupted saying “Go away from her sight; don’t listen to her. Go back and fight for
Imam Hussain  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him). You will earn his Grandfather’s intercede on Doom’s Day.”

He got back fighting until he killed nineteen knights and another twenty of the infantry. Then his fingers
were cut; at that moment his wife carried a pole and rushed towards him, saying: May my father
and my mother be your redemption. Fight for the sake of the women of God’s Messenger.
He tried to make her return back to the women camp, but she held his clothes and said: I’ll never go
back until I die with you.

Wahab turned back to her saying “Some time ago you were objecting and now you are urging me to
fight! What happened?”

She replied: Wahab, I have forsaken life since I heard Imam Hussain calling: Oh My God, Oh How
few are my resources. I am left alone; is there anyone to support us? his voice really broke my heart.

Then Wahab sought assistance from Imam Hussain
to tell her to go back to her tent. Imam Hussain
said: May God reward you and May God have mercy upon you, go back to the women. So she returned
and Wahab fought like an angry lion and he killed so many of the enemies, but the enemies had no
choice but to shower him with arrows till he was martyred.

The enemies beheaded Wahab and threw his head besides his wife’s tent. His wife came out and started
to wipe the blood and dust from Wahab’s face. Shimr saw her and ordered his slave to strike her;
she fell down beside her husband’s head, thus becoming the first women to be killed from Imam
Hussain’s camp.
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Aun and Muhammad
Aun and Muhammad were the sons of Zainab, and they were quite young, aged ten (10) and nine (9)
years respectively. They had learnt the art of fencing from their uncle, Abbas the brave.

When devotee after devotee fought and fell, in defense of the Holy Family, Aun and
Muhammad felt that it was now their turn to go to the battlefield. They went to their mother
Zainab, to ask for her blessings. Aun and Muhammad assured their mother that they
would fight with such bravery that whenever she thought of them, she would remember how brave
they were. Zainab went to her brother to request him, and said: “Hussain, at the Battle of Siffin, Abbas
was only ten (10) years old. When he saw someone trying to attack you, he rushed into the battle field
and killed the man. Do you remember how proud our father Ali was? Today I too want to be proud of
my sons. I want to see them go out there and defend Islam. Will you not allow me that privilege?”
Imam Hussain stood there in silence. He looked at his sister. He saw the disappointment on her face,
and saw tears forming around her eyes. Then said: “My beloved sister you have never asked me for
anything before, how can I say no to you now.” He turned to Aun and Muhammad and said “Go my
sons, be brave, I shall join you soon on your journey to the heavens.” Zainab held them close and
kissed them goodbye. The boys raised their hands and said “Fi Amaani-llah, mother!” Zainab replied,
“Bismillah my sons. God be with you!”

The two boys rode out into the battlefield. They fought bravely. At one point ‘Umar son of Saad’ asked,
“Who are these two youngsters? They fight like I have seen Ali son of Abu Talib fight.” When he was
told who they were he ordered his soldiers to give up single combats and surround and kill the boys.
Aun and Muhammad were attacked from all sides.

Imam Hussain, Abbas and Qasim, stood by Zainab as she watched her sons fighting. Hardly a few
minutes had passed when Aun fell from his horse and shouted for Imam Hussain. Just at that
moment another cry was heard, this time from Muhammad. Abbas left Qasim with Zainab while he
ran to the battlefield. Imam Hussain carried the body of Aun while Abbas carried Muhammad.
Imam Hussain walked to Zainab’s tent. He found her in Sajdah praying, “Oh my God, I thank you for
accepting my sacrifice. My heart is filled with pride because my two sons have given their lives for
your religion.”

Zainab came to the two bodies of her sons
and addressing them said: “My dear children! Now I am
pleased with you that, you have proved your worth and laid down your lives for Truth and pleased God
and His Holy Prophet  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him).”
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Qasim was the youngest son of Imam Hassan  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him), he was born in 47 Hijra, three (3) years
before the martyrdom of his father. When Imam Hussain prepared to leave Madina in the
month of Rajab 60 Hijra. Qasim’s mother Farwa asked Imam Hussain to take her and Qasim
with him. Imam Hussain agreed. Qasim, although only thirteen (13) years old, had, like his cousins
Aun and Muhammad, learnt fencing from Abbas and Ali Akbar.

After Aun and Muhammad had fallen in the battlefield, Qasim came to Imam Hussain and begged for
permission to go and fight. Twice Imam Hussain refused saying “Qasim you are young and your
mother’s only son.” After much insistence, received the permission to leave for the battlefield, being
very young, there was no armor that was fit for his years, nor a helmet nor shoes, nor arms. Imam
Hussain tied Imam Hassan’s turban (Amamah) on the head of Qasim and helped him mount his
horse. Qasim came to the battlefield. He was a very handsome boy. When the enemy saw him, they
began to murmur, “How can we kill someone whose face is shining like moon?

In a loud and a clear voice Qasim introduced himself and cried out a challenge for single combat. He
killed several famous warriors who came forward. When ‘Umar son of Saad’ saw the courage of this
young fighter, he ordered his troops to attack him in force. They surrounded him from all sides, and
attacked him with swords, spears, daggers and arrows. An enemy soldier hit him on his head with
such force that he fell from his horse.

Imam Hussain stood near the tents as he held his horse’s reins. Evidently he was alert and ready. At
once he heard a cry. It was Qasim: “Ya Ammah!” (O Uncle!). Imam Hussain flew on the horse like a
hunting falcon. As he arrived by the side of Qasim, about two hundred men had surrounded this child.
They fled as the Imam attacked, and one of the enemy’s men who had dismounted to sever
Qasim’s head was himself trampled under the hoofs of the horses of his fleeing comrades. When
the Imam arrived at Qasim’s side, there was so much dust and confusion that nobody could see
what was happening; when the dust settled down, they saw the Imam sitting at Qasim’s side with his
head in his arms. They heard the Imam utter this sentence: “My nephew! By God, it is very hard on
your uncle that you should call him and he should not be able to respond, or that he should respond
without being able to do anything for you!” It was at this moment that a cry came from this youth and
his spirit departed towards its Creator.
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Abbas Qamar-e-Banu Hashim (the Moon of the Hashimites), who was next only to the Holy
Imam in charge of the Holy Imam’s camp, after a very strenuous fight with the enemy at the
river, got a sack of water but when the sack filled with water was placed before the thirsty children,
the poor innocents not waiting till it was properly opened, and not knowing how to open the
sack, rushed to it and fell upon it, one over the other, in the haste to at least cool their burning bodies.

But alas! The knot at the mouth of the sack gave way
to the pressure and the whole water flowed
away on the sand. It can be imagined what the feelings of despair and disappointment of the poor children
and the helpless mothers would have been, and how disappointed the brave son of Imam Ali
 (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him), who got the water, would have felt at the loss of the water which he could get for the poor children
and the inmates of the camp after so much of fight with the enemy guarding the banks of the river.

Attempts to dig a well were also made but in vain,
for instead of water, stones came out. The
Holy Imam preached patience and fortitude to every one at each disappointment and torture, saying:
“Be you all cheerful and always surrender to the will of the All-Merciful Lord, for the end of all these
trials is at hand and the water of Paradise awaited there to quench your thirst.”
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After the Zuhur prayers on the day of Ashura, one by one the brave companions of Imam Hussain fell
in the battlefield. At last only Imam Hussain, Ali Akbar and Abbas were left. Imam Zainul Abideen
(Sajjad) lay sick in his tent.

Several times Abbas asked Imam Hussain for permission to go and fight. Each time Imam Hussain
would reply “Abbas, you are the captain of my army; you are my Alamdar - the Standard Bearer.”
Abbas would never argue with Imam Hussain. His three brothers were killed in the battle fought after
Zuhur. Imam Hussain could see the anger in Abbas’s eyes. Imam Hussain knew that if he let Abbas
go and fight; there would be a massacre in the enemy rank. Imam Hussain's
object was to re-awaken Islam and not to score a victory on the battlefield.

Just then Sakina (According to other reports Roqaia is the name) four (4) year

old daughter of Imam Hussain came out holding dried up leather bag (Mashk). She walked up to
Abbas and said “Al Atash, Ya Ammahu! I am thirsty O my uncle Abbas!” Abbas went to Imam Hussain
 (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) and requested for permission to go and get water for Sakina. Imam Hussain gave his permission.
Abbas put Sakina’s Mashk on the Standard (Alam), mounted his horse and rode up to Imam
Hussain. He said “I have come to say goodbye.”

Imam Hussain said “My brother, come and embrace me.” Abbas dismounted his horse.
There were tears in Imam’s eyes.He rode into the battlefield, armed only with a spear
and holding the Alam.
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