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Author Topic: War of Karabala - Ultimate Story of Sacrifice, 72 Muslims agains 30000 Mushriks  (Read 26952 times) Average Rating: 5
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Now note this majestic scene! What greatness! What valor! What a spirit of understanding and selfsacrifice!
A lone warrior, alone by himself, advances against a host. The number of men who guarded
the river bank was four thousand (4,000). They had all heard of the valor of Abbas. A cry arose,
“Abbas is coming!” Yazid’s soldiers started hiding behind one another. A few brave ones dared go near
Abbas but were soon put to death by the spear or by a kick.

He descends along the river bank Euphrates (Furaat) and leads his horse into the water. First, he fills
the water skin (Mashk) that he has brought and lays it on his shoulder. He himself was very thirsty.
The air is hot and has been fighting. But as he sits on the back of his horse and the horse stands in
water reaching up to its belly, he lowers his hands into water, takes water into them and raises them
somewhat towards his sacred lips.

Those who were watching from a distance report that he hesitated for a while. Then they saw that he
threw the water back and came out of the river without drinking any. He placed the Mashk on his
Alam and started to ride back. No one knew why Abu Al-Fadl did not drink water there. But when he
came out he recited Rajaz verses which were addressed to himself. Now from these verses they understood
why he had not drunk water:

“O soul of Abu al-Fadl! My wish is that you live not after Hussain! Will you have a drink of cold water,
while there stands Hussain, thirsty, near the tents, And about to drink the cup of death!? Such is not
the way of my faith, Nor that of one who abides in conviction and truth!”

‘Umar son of Saad’ cried out, “Do not let that water reach Hussain’s camp; otherwise we shall all be

A soldier climbed a tree and as Abbas was riding past the tree he struck his sword on the right shoulder
and the arm fell on to the ground. Just then someone
crept behind Abbas and struck him on the left shoulder.
The Alam fell down. Abbas gripped the Mashk with his
teeth. His only object was to get the water to Sakina.

Fighting with his feet he urged the horse to get him to
Imam’s camp as quickly as possible.

Alas! An arrow was shot. It went flying across the desert
and hit the Mashk.
The water began to pour out and with
the water all the hopes of Abbas poured on to the sands of
Karbala to be buried forever in the thirsty desert. Abbas
now did not want to go back and face Sakina. With his
feet, he signaled the horse to turn back.

The enemy surrounded him from all sides
. Abbas fell from the horse!! As
he fell, he cried out “My Salutations (Salaam) to you my Master (Maula)!” Imam Hussain seemed to
lose all his strength when he heard the voice of his dear brother Abbas.

When Abbas left to go to fetch water
, Imam stood at the gate of the camp watching the Alam. Sakina
was standing next to Imam Hussain, also with her eyes fixed on the Alam. When Abbas reached the
river bank and bent down to fill the Mashk, the Alam disappeared from sight. Sakina was frightened
and looked at her father. Imam said, Sakina, your uncle Abbas is at the river bank. Sakina smiled and
said, ‘AlHamdulillah!’ and called out all the children to welcome Abbas. When Abbas lost both arms,
the Alam fell onto the ground. Sakina could not see it any longer! She looked at Imam Hussain, but
he turned his face away.

Sakina began to tremble with fear and her eyes filled with tears. She raised her hands and prayed,
‘Oh my God! Do not let them kill my uncle Abbas! I will never ask for water
again!’ and ran inside to her mother.

Imam Hussain reached where Abbas was lying.
It was a tragic sight. Abbas was lying on the ground.
Both arms had been severed! There was an arrow in the right eye and blood blocked the left eye. As
soon as Abbas sensed the presence of Imam Hussain he said “Maula, why did you take the trouble to
come over? Please go back and look after Sakina.” Imam Hussain said, “My dear brother, all your life
you have served me and my children. Is there anything I can do for you at this last moment of your
life?” Abbas replied, “Maula, please, clean the blood from my eye so that I can see your beloved face
before I die!”
Imam cleaned the blood. Abbas fixed his gaze on Imam. Then he said, “Maula please do
not carry my body to the camp. I do not wish Sakina to see me in this state!” Imam Hussain took
Abbas in his arms, and kissed his forehead. Imam Hussain said “O Abbas I also have one request for
you, I have never heard you call me brother, for once I would like to hear you call me brother.” Abbas,
with his dying breath called out “My brother”, Imam Hussain  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) cried “O Abbas my beloved
brother what have they done to you? Who is now left to fight by my side now?” Just then the Thirty
four (34) year old Abbas son of Imam Ali  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) breathed his last. Imam Hussain placed Sakina’s
Mashk on the Alam and carried the Alam to the camp. He went to Zainab’s tent. Imam Hussain could
not say a word. He gave the Alam to Zainab and sat down on the floor!
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After Abbas, came the turn of Ali Akbar, to go to the battlefield. The battle drums of the enemies
were now getting louder and louder. It is reported that this eighteen (18) year old son was so
very much loved by one and all in the camp that the account of his taking leave of his aunts, sisters,
brothers and other relatives is so pathetic that none can resist shedding at least a few tears over
the heart-rending event. At last when the Holy Imam sent Ali Akbar, the ‘Ahmad-e-Thani’, i.e.,
(Muhammad the Second), to the battlefield, he raised his head towards Heaven and said:

“Lord! Here I sent in your way, the one who resembled the most with the Holy Prophet Muhammad,
whenever we did desire to have a view of the Holy face departed away from us, we used to look at the
face of this youth.”

When Ali Akbar went to the battlefield, and faced the enemy with all
the bravery that he inherited from his Grandfather Imam Ali  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him), it is reported that the enemy
forces were so much amazed at his resemblance with the Holy Prophet that such of those who had
seen him before, wondered if the Holy Prophet  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) had reappeared in the world to help his dear
Grandson Hussain. People were so anxious to have a look at the enchanting beauty of the youth that
those in the rear of the enemy’s ranks, mounted on the horses and camels, even stood on the backs of
the animals to have a look at the matchless and the wonder striking beauty of this son of the Holy

Ali Akbar reminded the enemy that his father,
Imam Hussain spent his life in the way of Islam, and
did no harm to them. By spilling his blood they were making the Holy Prophet  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) very sad. ‘Umar
son of Saad’ told his troops not to listen to Ali Akbar, and ordered them to attack him. One by one he
fought them with great skill, and killed many of them. Ali Akbar received several wounds, and was losing
a lot of blood. The thirst was getting more unbearable. At the moment he longed to see his loved
ones for the last time.

Ali Akbar turned his horse back towards his camp.
He found his aged (57) father standing at the
entrance of the tent; watching the battle between his beloved thirsty son and the enemy. Holy Hussain
congratulated his son and then said “I am sad that I do not have any water to give you.” Ali Akbar met
each and every one of his family. They were all in tears because they knew that this time he wasn’t
coming back alive.

It was not long before Imam Hussain
heard the painful cry from the battlefield. Ali Akbar fell with a
fatal wound in his chest. He called out to his father to come to him quickly. Imam Hussain went
towards his son; and found him lying in a pool of his own blood. When he saw his son he cried out
“Here I am my son, please talk to me.” Ali Akbar was in great pain, the broken end of the lance was
sticking out of his chest, and blood was gushing out. Ali Akbar died in his father’s arms. God alone
knows what a patient heart the Holy Imam had been endowed with, which never gave way against any
catastrophe even that of the loss of such a son. The Holy Imam stood looking at his son dying before
his eyes and lifting his head towards Heaven said:

“Lord! It will be quite sufficient for your Hussain if you accept this sacrifice and if you pleased with
this humble offer.”

Imam Hussain lifted Ali Akbar carefully, as if protecting him from any more pain. He cried all
the way back to his camp.
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When Imam Hussain  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) stood all alone in the battlefield surrounded by the enemies, he
was summoned by a call from his sister Zainab in his camp. When he went into the tent, he
found his six (6) month old baby son Ali Asgher, dying of thirst in his cradle. And the poor
mother Rubab, whose milk had dried up by the continuous thirst and hunger, could not help the baby
with even a drop of milk. Telling the mother that he would show the baby to the enemy and get some
water for it if they give it, Imam Hussain took the babe to the battlefield by covering with his robe and
raising it up in his arms to enable everyone in the enemy’s forces to see it, and said:

“O People! If, in your opinion, Hussain is guilty of any sin or crime, this innocent babe has done nothing
to hurt any one of you. It does not even speak, and has not even uttered anything against you or
your Amir at Damascus. He is dying of thirst. He had neither milk nor water for the last three days.
Would you quench his thirst by a few drops of water? If you suspect that I demand water for myself
in the name of the babe, then I will leave it here, if you want, and go easy and you may return it with
his thirst quenched.”

It is reported that the address of the Holy Imam and the scene, with the thirsty innocent babe in his
hands, was so touching, so pathetic and so heart-rending that even the men in the enemy’s army could
not help weeping and cursing the Yazid and his Deputy ‘Ubayd Allah son of Ziyad’, Governor of Kufa,
who had gathered them there against such Holy ones. ‘Umar son of Saad’, fearing a revolt of his forces
in sympathy for the Holy Imam, at once ordered a stonehearted brute named Hurmula to answer Hussain.

The tyrant, shot a arrow from his bow which after piercing through the Imam’s arm got stuck into
the tiny neck of the innocent babe. Blood gushed out of his neck and splashed on to Imam Hussain’s face. Ali
Asgher died in his father’s arms with his smiling face. Imam Hussain  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) walked back to the camp weeping
with Ali Asgher in his arms. At the door he waited for a moment and then turned back, this he did seven
times as if he was building his strength to face the mother of the baby who had been so brutally murdered.

Rubab looked at her husband’s face covered in blood and cried out “What have they done to
my son, did they even give him a drop of water before they killed him?” Imam Hussain said “I pleaded
with them to give him water, but instead they drenched him with blood.” Rubab said “Please bury
Ali Asgher with your own hands.” Hence he sat down to bury his baby son in the burning sand of the
desert, by digging a grave using sword. After that he looked up and said.
“O Almighty God bear witness that I have done my duty to the last.”

God alone knows the degree of the patience and the fortitude which He had endowed in the
Imam Hussain  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) to bear the series of such unbearable calamities
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The details of the final separation of the Holy Imam from the helpless ladies, children and other
inmates of his camp, particularly from his sisters Zainab & Kulthoom, are very heart-rending and it
is impossible for any one to describe the whole sorrowful scene in a paragraph of a brief work like this.

To Zainab and Kulthoom, his two sisters, I
mam Hussain said: “Our camp will be plundered and
set on fire. After I am slain, the series of calamities to you all would begin. Your heads will be
stripped of your covering cloths-veils. Beware O my dear sisters; let not patience under any suffering
be lost. The enemies will take you prisoners and parade you in the streets of Kufa and Shaam.

This will be a very difficult time for you. Do not give up hope; you will have to be brave. Bear every
calamity in the way of the Lord with patience and fortitude. Dear sisters, let not what I have done with
so much of patience and fortitude would be undone by your impatience.” Zainab with tears rolling
down her cheeks promised her brother that she would not let him down. “Convey my salaams to my
people, and tell them to remember our thirst whenever they drink water.”

After that, Holy Imam told her sister Zainab to bring him an old garment. Because, the enemy is an
unmanly one. After killing me, they will take my clothes as spoils. I want to wear an old garment under
my clothes so my body will not be bare after I’m martyred.

Then, Imam Hussain turned to sister Zainab and said “I am leaving the widows and orphans in your
care. My dear sister please look after my Sakina especially, she has never been separated from me
even for a day. Please dear sister when you get water give it to her first, she hasn’t asked for water
since her uncle Abbas died.”

At this Sakina came forward and said, “Oh father. When ‘Muslim son of Aqeel’ was martyred, you
hugged his orphan girl and patted her head. If you go and I become an orphan who is going to pat my
head?” Imam’s eyes filled with tears. While fighting back his tears, he slowly whispered, “Sakina, my
daughter, please do not cry, because after I go you will shed  many tears. While I am here still alive, do not set my heart
ablaze with your tears.” He picked up Sakina, and kissed her cheeks, knowing that these same cheeks were going to be
slapped by the cruel hands of Yazid’s men.

The Holy Imam at last came into the field bidding goodbye to all (including advanced age nurse, Fizza), not to return again
to his camp, but to drink the cup of martyrdom to fulfill the covenant with the Lord to save and secure the Truth for all
times until the Day of Judgment.
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Imam Hussain went to the battlefield wearing the Prophet’s robe and turban. Imam Hussain first
preached to his enemies, the love of God, the obedience to the Holy Prophet and abstinence from
vice and wickedness, and at last asked the people:

“Why do you kill me?”, “Did I commit any sin or crime?”, “Did I plunder anybody?”, “Did I interfere
with any one's affairs?”

All stood dumb and none answered. Then the Holy Imam continued: “Then why do you kill me? What
answer have you to give to God, and to the Holy Prophet on the Day of Judgment?”

‘Umar son of Saad’ shouted to his men “Do not be fooled by Imam Hussain’s words, attack him now!” Arrows were showered on Imam Hussain.

He charged into the battlefield like a lion, saying “If you are determined to fight me then I am ready; watch how the
Grandson of the Prophet fights; see how the son of Ali and Fatima fights. Even after three days of hunger and thirst,
I am not afraid to die. For me death is better than surrender.”

When the enemy saw Imam Hussain charging towards them, they thought for a moment that Imam
Ali  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) had come down from the heavens to take revenge on them. Many of them ran away.

When ‘Umar son of Saad’ saw the fear on their faces, he sent his bravest soldiers to fight Imam Hussain.
There was not a single member in Yazid’s army who could stand in front of Imam Hussain. The enemy
troops surrounded him from all sides, but he defeated them all. ‘Umar son of Saad’ stood back and
watched, amazed at how Imam Hussain who had suffered so much, was fighting so bravely.

Imam Hussain had chosen a point for his combat which was nearer the tents of the womenfolk. That
was for two reasons. Firstly, he knew the unmanly and inhuman character of the enemies. They lacked
even the sense of honor to spare the tents of their attacks as it was he whom they were fighting.

Therefore he wanted to restrain them from attacking
his camp so long as he was alive and had the
strength to stop them. He would make a frontal attack and they would flee. But he would not pursue
them but return to guard the tents of his womenfolk from any assault. Secondly, so long as he was
alive he wanted the members of his family to know that he was alive. Accordingly, he had chosen a
point from where his voice could be heard by them. Whenever he returned after making an attack he
would stand at that point and cry out: There is no power or strength to save that which derives from
God, the Exalted and the Almighty.

His cries would reassure the women who knew that the Imam was still alive. The Imam had told them
not to come out of the tents as long as he was alive. He had told them that they must not make any
untoward utterance which might reduce their reward with God. He had told them that they would find
deliverance and that their ultimate end would be a good one, that God will punish their enemies.

Hussain son of Imam Ali’s sense of manly honor and their own sense of feminine honor did not permit
them to come out. Accordingly, when they heard the Imam utter ‘La Hawl Wala Quwatta Illa
Billahil Aliyyil Azim’, they felt reassured. And as the Imam had come back to them once or twice after
bidding them farewell, they still expected the Imam to return.
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Every awakened mind will surely confess that it is not possible for any mortal to understand the
great heavenly personality which enacted the absolute submission to the Lord, which he displayed
on the field of Karbala.

Having lost every one of his faithful comrades including his baby son, himself fully wounded from
head, to toe with arrows struck in his holy body with his blood flowing from the wounds, his clothes
drenched with blood, and that of his comrades, his kith and kin whose dead bodies he removed from
the field of the massacre to a tent in his camp to spare them from being trampled under the hoofs of
the cavalry of the heartless enemy, hungry with choking thirst for the last three days, Hussain was
seen seated on his horse the ‘Zul Jinah’, looking every now and then towards Heaven with prayers for
the acceptance of his sacrifices. In the midst of the indescribable miseries, sorrow and grief, and
under the indefinable agony of the worst torturous and the most painful death, the Holy Imam ever
remained mindful of the Lord and his submission to Him with the desire not to leave the world
defaulting not even a single one of the prayers (Namaz) prescribed by him for man in this world.
Imam Hussain returned his sword back into the sheath so that he could prepare for Asr prayers.


“O soul that is at rest satisfied. Return to your Lord well-pleased (with Him), well-pleasing (Him). So,
enter among My servants, and enter into my Paradise.” (Al-Fajr 89:27-30)

His condition was such that Hussain now could not of his own efforts get down from the horse.
Hussain hinted to his horse (which was presented to him by his Grandfather) saying:
“Will you my dear ‘Zul Jinah’ kneel down a little to enable me to roll myself down to the ground?”
The faithful animal which was itself hungry, thirsty and wounded, spread its legs in such a way that
the Godly soul, one of the most brilliant stars of the heaven of divinity, slid himself down.

Now lying with his bleeding wounds on the flaming sand of the burning desert, Imam Hussain,
desirous of offering his prayers and engaged in his last prayer (Namaz) on earth, resting his wounded
forehead on a heap of the burning sand. Thus ultimately the wounded Holy Imam  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) lay in
communion with the Lord.

When ‘Umar son of Saad’ saw this he ordered his army to attack him in force.
Some of them threw
stones, while some attacked him with swords and others with arrows. Imam Hussain was very badly
wounded; he was bleeding from head to toe, and the sacred blood of the Holy Prophet Muhammad
 (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him), Imam Ali  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) and Fatima  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) was flowing on the earth.

Even in the last moments when that accursed wretch approached him to sever his sacred head
, he
says, “When I approached Imam Hussain son of Imam Ali & my eyes fell on him, the light & burnish
of his face so gripped me that I forgot my intention to kill him. The light of his face and its awe-inspiring
beauty so gripped me that I was distracted from the thought of killing him.”

Several men one after another, were deputed by the Commander of the enemy forces to cut off the
head of the Holy Imam, but every one that came near the Holy one lying on the burning sand, found
his lips moving and heard to say:

“O All-Merciful Lord of the Universe accepts the humble sacrifice of Hussain.” And at the end of the
prayers it was heard: “O Lord! O Lord! Being repeated several times.”

Hearing these last prayers of Imam Hussain, none dared to cut off his holy head, even on an offer of
thousands of Gold coins with promises of highly tempting rewards, but Shimr, the stone-hearted
brute committed the heinous crime.

In those days they used to train Arabic horses for the battlefield
, such a horse would show a particular
reaction when its master was killed. The members of Imam Hussain’s household were in the tents waiting for the Imam, that he might
return to them once again and they might see his angelic visage once again. Suddenly they heard the sound of the neighing of the Imam’s
horse ‘Zul Jinah’. They rushed to the tent’s door imagining that the Imam had come. But they saw the horse without its rider with its saddle
overturned. It was then that the children and the women raised the cries of Wa Husaynah!
and Wa Muhammada!
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Zainab ran to Imam Zainul Abideen  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him), & told him what had just happened. They stood silently,
tears rolling down their cheeks. A strong gust of wind blew on the desert. They felt as if nature itself
was crying with them. The silence was only broken by the beating of drums from the enemy camp.
They were celebrating their victory. It was indeed a hollow victory, won by a well fed huge army of
more than thirty thousand (30,000), fighting against an army of seventy two (72) brave warriors, who
died hungry and thirsty.

Note: It is worth knowing that Yazid ruled the Islamic world for three (3) years only. His main
achievements of crimes during these three years were. The first year he Martyred Imam Hussain
 (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him), the Grandson of Prophet Muhammad  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him).

The second year he invaded Madina the capital of the Prophet Muhammad  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) and permitted his solders to kill, steal and rape all the women  and children in Madina for three days after killing all his oppositions.

The third year he invaded Makkah and ruined the Kaaba.
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BRILLIANT brother....WAT A HEART RENDERING, touching, Teary incident was that... I felt to leave and forget everything related to this world and stay in the service of Ahle-Bayt (Athar ridhwaanullahi ta'ala alaihim ajma'een) all my life, to love them at the fullest with complete devotion and affection..... ALLLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR...


Ya HUSSAIN ( Alaihis Salaam ) YA HUSSAIN ( Alaihis Salaam ) YA HUSSAIN ( Alaihis Salaam )
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very nice share brother...i can understand how much efforts have gone in this post.
i want to know what happend after the war to the Women and children of Ahle Bayt.
how did yazeed die can someone please post the details after the war
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Great detailed post..never read such a post on the forum
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watch this videos,

Reply to zakir naik LA on yazid topic by Dr.Tahir ul Qadri-3

Reply to zakir naik LA on yazid topic by Dr.Tahir ul Qadri-4

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excellent brother. the way u had described it looked as if the whole event was happening in front of our eyes. but did really our generation learn anything from this event. from the sacrifices of the baby ali asghar(razi allaahu ta'aala anhu) and  ahlul bait(razi allaahu ta'aala anhu)
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