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assalamu alaikum
there are lots of wali and peer in india and to find any wali or peer who can control jinnat, and black magic
i am looking for a person who is either wali or a big personality in islam, who can fight with jinnat or can perform exorcism to cure black magic from a victim.
i heared lots of peopl say go to some dargah and peer of that dargah will remove that jinn or effect of black magic.

so can anyone tell me some name of dargah or any contact of an amil person
can you please categories dargah like if a dargah is famous to remove jinn from victim, some dargah are famous for full making wish, some dargah are famous for asking dua for marriage and relationship matter, some are very jalali.
so can anyone please mention some dargah name which is located in Delhi and are famous for
balck magic cure or matter of jinn
for marriage and relationship matter??
and if some one know person who deal with this kind of things like to remove jinn from body of human, etc
then please help me. 
« on: January 15, 2013, 06:11:39 PM »

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