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Author Topic: More On Isra and Mi'raj.  (Read 942 times) Average Rating: 0
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 Assalam alaykum,
The first Ayat of Surat 'Isra (17:1) and Ayats 13-18 of Surat Najm (53:13/18) of the Holy Qur'an all touched on that famous and historically significant Night Journey embarked upon by the Messenger of Allah, to Heavens, otherwise known as the 'Isra wal Mi'eraj. So much was written on this remarkable event, but I thought it worthwhile to bring the attached work on this subject, copy hereby attached, for your perusal from Sayyadi Ahmad Abdur Rashid. Do examine it and see how Time and Space were traversed miraculously in that One Night...a very Special Night... you will learn more about 'Isra and Mi'eraj.

Best Wishes.

* 10-06.13.CH.pdf (253.97 KB - downloaded 163 times.)
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