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"Bismil Laa-hir.Rahmaa-nir-Raheem""Al-Hamdu Lillaahi Rabbil 'Aalameen was Salaatu was- Salaamu 'Alaa Sayidinaa Muhammadin wa Aalihi wa Asabihi Ajma 'een (tauheed- risalat- ahkirat and islam-iman-ihsan)
42/13, 5/54,3/103,2/208, 55/60, 7/143,42/13 ,53/17 ,53/10,2/112,2/25,2/112 ,10/62,4/125, 31/22 , 16/128, 10/62, 10/26,2/25 ,41/31,9/11, 10/62, 7/56, 2/195,2/277,35/32 ,3/110 ,55/60 ,35/32, 93/5 , 112/1,30/27,9/91,19/96,10/62,69/51,51/56,62/2, 39/22,42/20,20/131,57/23,59/9,18/7,11/7,7/32, 28/54,42/20,20/131,18/28,20/131,14/3,57/23,18/28,9/59,69/29,24/37,38/82,103/3,24/37,3/31,49/1
perfection/kamil(hal/kaifiyat/stations )
general meaning of ihsan is benevolence/generosity/to help
Tauhid with ishq e ilahi
No adl only fazal
Perfection/hal or kafiyat (stations)
Deals with kaifiyat /hal (status of the heart)
State of heart /state of inner self  during your act of worship.
People whose kaifiyat is that they are (tasawur )watching allah are called ihsan e akmal(mushahada/witnessing ) .state of vizualising allah
People whose kafiyat  is that they think (tasawur ) that allah is watching them are called ihsan e kamil (muraqaba/vigilence) state of vigilence (allah is watching me)
Are kamil /perfect people
Related with alaam e haqiqat
Related with soul  and baatin secrets for example niyat
Perfection of iklas (sincereity) in soul and its related secrets.
Deals with  iklas, sidq ,haya and adab.
Gives rise to haqiqat and haq ul yaqeen(truth)-7/74,7/4(word haqiqat is used)
Ihsan of servant =is to perform good deeds   and  Ihsan of allah = is to reward his servants

Sacrifice everything for pleasure of allah
Allah will reward them till they are pleased
Are rewarded most and they will be pleased with allah (nearness /qurb and also deedare ilahi)
No fear (khauf )or grief(gham)
People of ihsan (awliya allah)
Is a wali
Only seeks pleasure /raza of allah
People of haqiqat (they want allah )
Rewarded with al husna(highest jannah ) +zyada (even more-deedar e elahi)
Rahmat is very close to them
Spend for the pleasure of allah
Zayada iman (highest)
Loved by allah +allah makes hi creation to love that person (mohsin)
No azab and no hisaab( no examination in ahkirat )ie wieghing of deeds or no punishment
They are kamileen/awliya /siddiqin/mohsin e akmal (they kept tasawur of allah’s presence /mujahida)mohsin e kamil (kept the tasawur of allah is watching me)
Day of judgement is of 5/10 minutes.
Don’t keep world in there heart
Loved by allah +allah makes his creation to love that person (mohsin)
No azab +no hisaab
Mohsin e akmal = given the right of shafat (helps other muslims on the day of judgement)+zayada (nearness and deedar of allah)
Mohsin  e kamil= no azab +no hisaab +favored with elite jannah
Mohsin e akmal (those who prayered as if they are seeing allah) will rewarded with shafat /intercession and they will take many people along with them to jannah(each indiviual (mohsin) is rewarded to take 70000 people along with him to jannah)
Arif/Haqiqate iman = heart  is free from world +opposing/islah e nafs + zuhd/seclusion +  controlling senses
When I want to talk to allah I say prayers and when I want that he talk to me I recite quran- Hazrath Ali(ra)
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