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Author Topic: Hazrat Sayyad Samad Naqshbandi (rehmatullah alayh), Mahoba (U.P.)  (Read 388 times) Average Rating: 0
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Hazrat Sayyad Samad Naqshbandi (Abba-Huzur) (Dada-Miya)

Hazrat Sayyad Samad Naqshbandi (rehmatullah alayh) also known as ABBA-HUZUR and DADA-MIYA.
He was a Great Sunni Wali-e-Kaamil at his time. He was from Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Mahoba City is also known as The City of Alaah & Udal at the time of Chandela Reign.
And We Muslim (Sunni) knows Mahoba City as the City of Great AwliaAllah.
In Mahoba, there are approx. 6 or 7 Shrines of Great Awliya and Some other are of Other Awliya.

The Mahoba City is Also Known As The City of Great Waliullah Named,
TAJDAR-E-BUNDELKHAND Hazrat Mubarak Shah (rehmatullah alayh).

There are many Karamaats were seened by People of Mahoba from Abba-Huzir or Dad-Miya...

His Shrine; Dargah is in under His Sayyedi Family at Mahoba (U.P.)
And The Khwanqa-Samadia also
And One Street is on His (Dada-Miya) Name ; SamadNagar, where the Dargah is....

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