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Author Topic: Biryani Shah Sarkar (rehmatullah alaih)  (Read 719 times) Average Rating: 0
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Hazrat Sufi Muzaffer Ali Shah Basharat, popularly known as Biryani Shah Sarkar ( (Rahmatullahi Allaih)) is a famous Sufi Auliya Allah who lived 400 years ago. Dargah shareef is situated at Tekdi Biryani Shah, Basharat nagar, Nawab Shah Kunta, Hyderabad.
Today the Dargah Shareef is almost 400 years old today and in Hazrat's time his kanquah was situated atop the mountain "Tekdi" it was outside of the city limit covered with a forest it wasn't populated save for Hazrat and his Khadims. Hazrat lived in solitude his whole life.
Hazrat had shown many karamat in his life time one of the most famous karamat which also earned him the title "Biryani Shah" happened when Aurangzeb Alamgir  (Rahmatullahi Allaih) set out on his infamous military campaign in Deccan he marched through Tadban with his army with atleast a thousand men he climbed the mountain of Hazrat but underestimated it by the time he reached the top him and his army was exhausted they found the Hazrat at the top of the mountain deep in his prayers. Aurangzeb asked the Hazrat if he has any food for him and his army and hazrat replied "of course I just cooked Biryani" and then he brought a small container of Biryani enough for one person and set it in front of Aurangzeb, he looked at Hazrat, disappointed and said "hazrat this is only enough for one person I have a whole army of men" and hazrat only replied "eat until you are full" and so he did and when he was finished he saw to his surprise that the container was still full he ordered his entire army to eat the Biryani and the whole thousands of mean ate their fill and by the end the container still remaineded full. From that day on hazrat gained the title "Biryani Shah Sarkar".
This is only one of the many karamat hazrat displayed in his life time.
Although the area wasn't popluated after the Hazrat passed away for hundreds of years civilisation erupted around and atop the mountain about 30 years ago but today every nook and corner there is populated. The area and the mountain were named after Hazrat, Basharat Nagar and Biryani Shaah ki Tekdi.
The dargah shareef is easily accessible with easy enough to climb and few stairs to reach the top. Person can see the whole city of Hyderabad from the top of the Dargah Shareef.
The premisses of the Dargah contain the Dargah chamber, Jama Masjid Muzaffar Shahi, and Madrassah "Madrassah tus Saliheen"
This Madrassah was opened under the guardianship of my grandfather The late Hazrat Osman Ali Siddiqui Naqshabadi Sahab and today hundred of children Learn the Quran there free of cost.
The URS shareef of hazrat is celebrated on 11th of Rabi us Sani (Same day as Ghous e Azam  (Rahmatullahi Allaih) , SubhanAllah!!) And it is celebrated for 3 days.
Khadim E Dargah
Osman Ahmed Ali Siddiqui Qadri.

The Dargah Entrance.

Kadimain of hazrat inside the Dargah Chamber.
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