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Author Topic: to wish a person good needs wealth  (Read 238 times) Average Rating: 0
Fakheer Deen
jab kisiku gamh hota hai hujoor apna khaas karam farmatey hai, Ya hussain haq hussain.
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« on: August 09, 2017, 01:11:43 PM »

why the socity is fill with theafs and the only A security can find him.

is you donot have time and you are in careing.
is the responcibility of needi and the responcibility of observation is not killing.
always a servent cannot be a mom(even though she hate your friends ), yes he (servent) can be a good step Mother.
my spoken salaam to each and every sevents of many different fields and thank to you god  for every sun rise.

one story remain to share just like,
in the past observation the changes of cast made on ethics and fear of ethics
look, there are some brode views like humble, respect, and also on some hard facts the people want to change hear and there untill they can fix satisfaction also shelter.

to day the people are changing to get reputet and good gatering correct but is not correct, because we are lack behind to wish a person on his good.

go and joy untill you can enjoy.

Fakharh hai mujey duniya gaib hojati per har koi bi mujey yaad karkeyhi jaayeyga, Haa Mujey pachana nahi jata hai, ager jaanleytey tu chod sakta kya har eak Jana bi eaisahi jaayeyga.<br />Any how, to day I am not in interest to draw this card. Not bad be with our good people
« on: August 09, 2017, 01:11:43 PM »

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