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Author Topic: Buddha Cries,Stalwart Ghous Ul Azam Proclaims & Kabir das Whispers!  (Read 184 times) Average Rating: 0
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This Humbles Says…………

Buddha Cries While Innocent Bleeds
Wake up Oh Sleepy Heads,
Children are displaced & in distress.
Buddha cries while Innocent Bleeds!
Mother earth has become a Mistress,
At the hands of slipshod humans,
Who fail to see Godly lumens (lumens=brightness).

Indian subcontinent shed your helplessness,
Shelter the folks & pray, give them a home,
A piece of land, something to call their very own.
The creation has been done by the almighty,
Ram, Buddha, Jesus, Baba Farid’s Nanak & Muhammad ( (sal-lal-lahu alai hi wa sallam)),
Taught love, to embrace humanity & always believed in piety!

The station of mother earth is temporary anyway,
This piece of land created by God’s grace.
Oh Humans, we are engaged in mine & Thine!
For our atrocities we shall be answerable to the divine.
Wake up Oh Sleepy Heads,
Children are displaced & in distress,
Buddha cries while Innocent Bleeds!

Ghous Ul Azam Piran-e-Pir Proclaims:-
1.   Be constant & firm & do not run.
2.   Ask for His grace & do not be sorry to ask. Wait, Have hope & do not leave hope. Have mutual brotherhood & friendship & do not have mutual enmity. Be collected in prayer & worship & do not be separated.
3.   Have mutual love & avoid enmity. Be free from sins & do not be entangled & the worship of your Nourisher & Cherisher.
4.   Do not be at a distance from the door of your Master. Do not turn your face from being attentive to Him. Do not be slow in offering repentance.
5.   Do not sorry and sad by asking forgiveness of your sins from your providence at any time in night & day. It is hoped, that you will be shown mercy, made fortune, saved from hell, placed in heaven & will be blessed with the union of God.

Kabir das Whispers…..
Bhala hua meri matki phooti re
Main to pania bharan se chooti re
Boora na milya koi
Jo dil khoja apna
To mujhsa boora na koi........

O Lord I am glad (thank you for this kindness)…..that my earthen water pot is shattered... (I am relieved to escape from the daily chore)... I don't have to fill it anymore......I set out looking for bad persons and found no one...when I searched within my own heart I found that I was the worst, none to beat me .......





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