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Author Topic: food food what food did we use ingridents by overself - corporate food.  (Read 222 times) Average Rating: 0
Fakheer Deen
jab kisiku gamh hota hai hujoor apna khaas karam farmatey hai, Ya hussain haq hussain.
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pizza: it seems me that foe some reason i join to old age home and avoided regular food habitat and used to eat plane bread with plane milk, hardly i say  to my self till to a last bite this is good this is good.. i never wish again.

o my chapati with roasted chicken( compair to pizza what am choosing), mutton, fish and i am blessed.

i forgot that we human use food for there regular seviving .

if any body ask me what did you have enjoyed pizza then it be those chilly seeds

Fakharh hai mujey duniya gaib hojati per har koi bi mujey yaad karkeyhi jaayeyga, Haa Mujey pachana nahi jata hai, ager jaanleytey tu chod sakta kya har eak Jana bi eaisahi jaayeyga.<br />Any how, to day I am not in interest to draw this card. Not bad be with our good people
« on: September 20, 2017, 04:19:27 PM »

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