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Author Topic: i used to wish othercast peoples onthere festivals, is am remain stupid in islam  (Read 74 times) Average Rating: 0
Fakheer Deen
jab kisiku gamh hota hai hujoor apna khaas karam farmatey hai, Ya hussain haq hussain.
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as am come from islam family i have some ethics and constrains, and so we do not much involve in other cast not in dragging some one or false promises
this is how we grown up, as per my family we have many non-muslim friends they mix as brothers and sisters, on our festivals they give us sweets and mother, grand mothers send them dishes only this type relations i have seen from my childhood.

and often they present respect each others and they talk very respectfully.

i grownup colleges some friends used to wish me on my festivals, in that time i got doubt how a person used to wish on another one's.
and i find like this people wish me on my festivals nearby 7 years, it surprise me one of time a  message i got, happy bakrid and is the only one sentence of conversation with him through out that year.

i am start thinking about it, he is my friend he become part of my life and it is my responsibility to gather him on his happy occasions, a person passing by a way he cannot be my friend and a friend is a friend.
i start wish him on his festivals, i have not achieve any prize or any benefit for that but feel little satisfactory on his responses.

once the time come some not him other people start sending wishes on there festivals, firstly i irritated, is am willing misguiding any people or am i unable to know things going today.
how can i admire or advice him, and i am draged started replying him " thank you, and happy ugadi to you and your family "

now, present if any festival is coming then i prepare my self and in the morning itself i send them " happy dussara friends, yours ( ...   )  " 

i am not corporate guy, i am a devotee i am in love and business or a job is only apart of my life where i used facilitate some one my profession. 
i praying namaaz means i am not hurting you or your traditions why not it be in favor you and your tradition.
how did you people mains i am in bound to my tradition means i am overtaking your believes.
people never find any tradition until you cannot reach a suffering people in there locality.   

you can also advise any suggestions..

Fakharh hai mujey duniya gaib hojati per har koi bi mujey yaad karkeyhi jaayeyga, Haa Mujey pachana nahi jata hai, ager jaanleytey tu chod sakta kya har eak Jana bi eaisahi jaayeyga.<br />Any how, to day I am not in interest to draw this card. Not bad be with our good people
« on: October 01, 2017, 07:31:50 PM »

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