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Author Topic: The progressive Mystic- Guru Nanak  (Read 170 times) Average Rating: 0
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Dear Brothers  & Sisters,
With salutations to my Pir O Murshid “Moin-ud-din Hasan Chishti” let’s feel blessed for having born on this motherland. A land so rich in culture & heritage,
a land having witnessed numerous spiritual saints of various religions.

Each religion has something good to offer. Wise follow the principal of “Take the Best & Forget the rest!”
With Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary on 4th Nov it’s relevant to discuss about this great saint of the Indian Sub-Continent.

1.   In the history of Indian sub-continent, it was Guru Nanak who taught the lesson of patriotism & unity to the society divided in casteism & in many mythological gods.
2.   For the first time, Guru Nanak used word Hindustan for this sub-continent & envisaged it a single unit. He taught the Indians to live with dignity & glory.
3.   Guru Nanak,the born Buddha, the Master who travelled from China in the north to Ceylon in the south, from Sikkim & old Assam in the east to the Rome & Russian in the west i.e. across the whole mankind by the grace of NAAM.
4.   He gave the realization of TRUTH i.e. God who is one & only one & spread the message of love, peace, universal brotherhood, tolerance, equality & well being of all.
5.   To quote “Excellence of Sikhism “by Dr.Sarup Singh Alag, he was Guru of Hindus & Pir of Muslims. He was “Nanak Buddha” in Sri Lanka:”Nanak Lama” in Tibet; Guru Nanak in India,”Nanak Pir”; “Pir Baba Nanak” or “Bal Gundari”
        in Arab countries; “Wali-Hind Baba Nanak” in vast Russia & Afgan “Kingdoms”;”Bhusa Nanak” in China, Mongolia & Vietnam;”Rimpochee” or Rimpoji” in high Himalayas i.e. Bhutan, Nepal & Sikkim.
6.   He was a prophet to revolutionize the thoughts of the world for upholding the dignity of the woman.
7.   Emperor Akbar was greatly impressed by the 3rd Nanak, Guru Amar Das & on his persuasion stopped collecting Jaziah (tax on religion) from Hindus.
8.   Guru Tegh Bahadur was called “Hind Dee Chaadar” by Hindus. The supreme sacrifice for a religion other than his own is remarkable in the history of human race.
9.   Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) –the ultimate word of God was compiled by Guru Arjun Dev (5th Nanak), final touch given by Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Nanak.
10.  In his presidential address at the TV international seminar on “Relevance of SGGS in new millennium” organized by Guru Nanak Dev university, Amritsar in August 2004,Dr A.PJ.Abdul Kalam. the then president of India, described SGGS, a NATIONAL

To sum up the scripture 'SGGS' is a “charter of great human values” so also a “charter of human rights”.

Source:-The Mighty Sikhs by Sh.Prital Singh Tuli.

The Golden Temple premises is filled with beauty of the almighty ,its sparkling clean environment & an attitude of offering services to the devotees including Langar(free kitchen) is amazing.
The soft spoken words of the organizers & service providers at the Golden Temple shall set an example to other religious places to display what the Sufis say “Earth like Hospitality”.
And why not ?After all Sri Guru Granth Sahib has vast number of Verses of Baba Farid provided by Sheikh Ibrahim to Guru Nanak incorporated in its pearls of wisdom.

Click on the link its Worth a hear:-

Thanks & Regards,


« on: November 03, 2017, 01:48:03 AM »

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