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Dear Brothers  & Sisters -As-salāmu alaykum,
Bismillāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm,
Indeed blessed are the ones having a “Murshid” & today I need to ask Khwaja Moin-ud-din Hasan Chishti when I would get mine?

Murshid O My Murshid

Off I set in search of a Murshid,
It’s easy, thought I sitting in the cockpit.
He welcomed me with an open mind,
Handed me over a bowl,
Full of Puffed Rice.

“Has permission being taken of family?”
I tried to dodge his query slyly.
Having caught me unaware,
Said He, “Is this a shop of Hardware?”
“Come with required Permission,”
I nodded my head in submission.
“Patience is a virtue” said He,
“Pir-Muridee is not a day’s business you see!”

Sulkily off I returned to the cockpit,
In East & West I searched for a Murshid.
Without purification & almighty’s will,
Your search shall come to a standstill.
A Pure heart makes learning respective & fit,
Upon which Allaha shall send “Him”,
All wrapped up in an Orchid!

“Failures are the pillars of Success”
Inner voice says “Stop not” in this conquest.
Off I set in search of a Murshid,
It’s tough, thought I sitting in the cockpit.

Hazrat Khwaja Nizam-ud-din was a bachelor & devoted all his life to the pursuit of truth.
He loved his spiritual guide & teacher & became very close to him winning his confidence by the virtue of his sincerity, obedience & implicit faith.
Hazrat Baba Farid-ud-din used to say, “Since the time this poor Maulana Nizam-ud-din has come to me & has become my disciple, there has not been any change in his sincerity & faith.”
Once his spiritual guide, addressing the people, said “A spiritual disciple should be firm & unshaken in his belief like Nizam”.
Hazrat Nizam says “When a person acquires knowledge he is honored & when he prays his work acquires felicity. On such occasions a spiritual guide is needed who may break both.
In other words he may cause knowledge & deed to be lowered in his eyes, so that he may not take to the worship of self.

It is said that the Murshid (spiritual guide) is not distinct from the Almighty * His Saints.
All the Sufis have a single common soul. And the Murshid by the Virtue of his spiritual alliance through Divine love (nisbah) is the perfect manifestation of the nature & qualities of God.

Mohabbat-e-Murshid is the love for the Murshid that surpasses all.And nothing, neither body nor mind nor wealth, is dearer than the Murshid.
The disciple then must have Iradat & aqeedat (purpose & faith) on the spiritual guide & must consider whatever the Pir says as beneficial and to act on it without a thought, question or reason.
Wisdom flows from “The Sufi saints of the Indian subcontinent” & “Rah-e-Tasawwuf” author “Gudri Shah Baba IV & III” respectively.

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Thanks & Regards,


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