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My Dear Knowledge sharing & enriching Team,
In the name of God full of compassion, ever compassionate.
With due salutations to "Khwaja Moin-ud-din Hasan Chishti",at the outset “Wishes for the upcoming Eid e Milad”.

A divine baby is born,
A unique faith was formed.
The moon’s heart splits into two,
As the baby’s finger points at it, oh it’s true!

How blessed the mule, carrying the best of creation,
Old mule derived strength & raced ahead,
To Halima’s abode with speed during that duration.
Miracles after miracles he performed,
To the world the Prophet was gentle & kind,
Message of Peace he offered to the mankind!

A divine baby is born,
A unique faith was formed.
The moon’s heart splits into two,
As the baby’s finger points at it, oh it’s true!

In Today’s session let’s see what the holy Prophet conveyed not only to his fortunate community but to the world as such.
Incase paucity of time to read the lengthy article, refer my bullet points Pls.
Bullet Points:-
1.   The holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) is light and the holy Qur’an is also light.
2.   The holy Prophet laid down that the one who weeps and wails in times of trouble and tribulation invites the curse of God on himself as said by Hazrat Addullah Ansari.
3.   The Holy Prophet Muhammad stated that a woman who is obedient to her husband shall enter heaven with Bibi Fatima (the Holy Prophet’s daughter)
4.   Proper conduct in the Saint’s Assembly is very important indeed.
5.   Allah resides in the heart of the People.
6.   The heart of mumin is the mirror of Allah.
7.   One should take to generosity.
8.   A person who does not care for children can show no concern for adults.

Time for Tales/Real stories

TALE 1:- The heart of mumin is the mirror of Allah.

One day Hazrat Umar asked the holy prophet Muhammad(saw), “Where is Allah.”The holy Prophet replied, “In the heart of the people.”Then he inquired about the gnosis of the heart.
The holy Prophet replied, “The heart of a mumin (believer) is the mirror of Allah. It is between the two fingers of Allah. He keeps an eye on the heart of a mumin and a Muslim day and night.
Thereupon Hazrat Umar inquired as to what was the difference between the mumin and the Muslim. The holy Prophet explained:”The mumin is engaged in silent and concealed remembrance in all sincerity/.The heart of a Muslim does not do silent remembrance”. In worship and acts of devotion this is the difference. A pious person is a Muslim and an enlightened person is a mumin.
One day the holy Prophet said to his companions that God’s command had been received to this effect, that to earn His pleasure one should take to generosity. The thing given in His way is the thing that one keeps dear to one’s heart.

TALE 2:- Proper conduct in the Saint’s Assembly.
Master Nizam Ad-Din Awliya gives an example from Tradition:”Once the Prophet-blessings & peace be upon him-was sitting in a particular place and his friends had formed a circle around the spot where he was sitting. Three people arrived. One saw an opening in that circle and coming forward quickly sat down.
The second saw no place in that circle and sat down outside it. The third person looked away from there and left. An hour passed. The Prophet-blessings & peace be upon him-said:”During this hour Gabriel-peace be upon him-has come and told me:””God Almighty says that whoever arrives at a circle (of pious people), finds a place there, & sits down among them, We will see that he is given refuge in Our presence. As for the person who does not find a place in such a circle, we will take upon ourselves his shame, and on the Day of Judgment We will not disgrace him. But as for that person who looks away and leaves, our mercy will be similarly deflected from him.’”
Proper Conduct is that whoever comes into an assembly and finds an empty place should sit down there and if there is no place, then he should sit down outside the circle. Under no circumstances should he sit down in the middle, for whoever sits in the middle of a circle will be cursed.

TALE 3:-Love for Children.
The Prophet-peace be upon him-had a great affection for children, & liked to frolic with them.”Once, the Prophet –peace be upon him-saw Imam Hassan in a group of children. Coming near, he put one hand under his chin, the other, behind his head & kissed his face. It’s said the prophet used to play the role of a camel for Hassan & Husayn(peace be upon them)On the blessed tongue of the Master(Nizam Ad-Din ) came this tradition “Indeed, here is the camel.(I am) your camel”

Moon shines from:-
1.   Nizam Ad-din Awliya “Morals for the Heart” by Hazrat Amir Hasan Sijzi, translation by Sh.Bruce B.Lawrence.
2.   The Meditations of Khwaja Muinuddin Hasan Chishti by Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib.

Do hear this melody in praise of the Prophet!

Thanks & Regards,

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