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“Every Day Morning say ‘Good Morning, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti’ ” said a Fakir to me at Ajmer Daragha.
If anything Sufism has taught me, it’s to “Practice Patience & Value Time”.

With few interactions through the articles/books or personal dialogue with the “The Hidden Men of Almighty/Allaha”, this humble seems have made some observations presented as below Please.
Dear Readers understand that this humble is only a Seeker and not trying to project being any Lifestyle Coach, basically am only a housewife please.

Kindly read only the 10 pointer in case paucity of time & your time is precious.
1.   On the Path of Sufism, Clearly Define your Goals & Objectives. What is the purpose? Aim, mission etc…
2.   Time management:-Work towards your Objectives. For this One might need Patience, Discipline & value others as well as One’s Own Time for indeed “Time is Money”.
3.   Make your fundamentals strong.
       At this point I remember what our Member ‘Abu Hafsat’ on 10th September stated, the six principles to be followed in daily life which includes reading The Holy Book ‘Quran’. Ah without the fundamentals it’s difficult to follow this Path of “Sufism”! There
        are no short cuts in life. Hard work has to be put in I suppose.
4.   Purification of self & controlling Nafs (this appears to be a herculean task) is very important .One must avoid doing Sin from Eyes, a small amount of greed & or lust spoils the whole show & you might land back to square one. All the efforts go down the
        drain. Oh this is so true!
5.   Listen& Obey when guidance is provided. And “Opportunity knocks Only Once at your Door”.
6.   Never to waste One’s resources (finances) and use this in a purposeful manner. Trust me, one can never find a guide/Murshid with the aid of Money & so also all that “Glitters is not gold”.
7.   Silence: - Oh really! This unique formula which saints practice definitely works on spiritual, personal as well as professional front. Instead of argumentative behavior “Go in a Silence Mode”. My Sufi brother explained to me “Silence is the language of God”
        rest all being Poor translation.
8.   Controlling One’s tears and never to cry in front of a Sufi Shrine or during Roshni/Dua.
9.   Most importantly never to share One’s weakness with anyone other than Allaha & to March ahead to the beat of your own drum.
10.   Everybody’s almighty is the same. Love & Brotherhood must be practiced by One & All. A broad & open mind is necessary to preserve harmony in society.

This humble would like devotees to visit Ajmer Daragha at least once in a life time.
To accomplish the above One needs to pray humbly to Khwajaji seeking his divine grace for extending an invitation.
It’s my convection that a quarterly or biyearly visit to this heavenly abode would heal a person and act as a de-stressing tool. Just the way “AMC” (Annual maintance Contract) is required for any Hardware & software products for ensuring the safe & sound running of the equipment or a Tool wherein any defective parts are replaced or a software patch is added in the form of up gradation, similarly a visit to the Shrines of “The Walli Of Allaha “or any such other holy place of One’s respective religion marks the proper running both of the mind and the soul.
Definitely neither is this humble Amir Khusrow nor Hafiz nor Sarmad however an attempt to present a silly poetry in Hindi from a housewife all the same please:-

Piya Ke Des..

ख्वाजा जी की नगरी कितनी पायरी,
यहा पर लागे हर एक चीज़ न्यारी.

ख्वाजा जी का रोज़ा कितना सुहाना,
मन  छाए करू यहा बसेरा.
सुख दुख खेले मोसे आखमेचोली,
ख्वाजा जी के आगे फेला ऊ झोली.
ख्वाजा जी करे मोसे बतिया,
तब चैन से बीते मोरी रतिया.
जो सुल्तान उल हिंद से करे हे प्यार,
वही पावे हे जीवन का सार.
ख्वाजा जी की नगरी कितनी पायरी,
यहा पर लागे हर एक चीज़ न्यारी.

The beautiful abode of Khwajaji,
The cool breeze at Ana Sagar Lake, the colorful bazaars of Ajmer are calling you all to “Piya Ke Des”.

Do hear this melody,again incase Time Permits.

Today’s contribution towards the “Deen” sector seems to be completed & now over to the Duniya, So Off to performing the House hold chores…. Roll Eyes
Khuda Hafez.

Sister Reshma.


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Fakheer Deen
jab kisiku gamh hota hai hujoor apna khaas karam farmatey hai, Ya hussain haq hussain.
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Fakharh hai mujey duniya gaib hojati per har koi bi mujey yaad karkeyhi jaayeyga, Haa Mujey pachana nahi jata hai, ager jaanleytey tu chod sakta kya har eak Jana bi eaisahi jaayeyga.<br />Any how, to day I am not in interest to draw this card. Not bad be with our good people
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